Why I Teach the Suzuki Method


The Suzuki method is a form of teaching based on the idea that music learning should be oral based, and enjoyable. The cornerstone of the Suzuki philosophy is that music is a tool to help build a child’s self confidence and their ability to learn.

I teach children to develop the skills needed by helping them take small, successful steps and as they achieve each step I give them lots of positive reinforcement. Children who study with me learn to focus, accomplish tasks and develop motor skills and all of this helps them become successful in other arenas.

One-on-one teaching is augmented by CDs and DVD s and this, combined with specific Suzuki music books, enables children to work at home between lessons so that they can gradually build their skills.  Group classes are held with students who are at the same age/level which not only also gives positive reinforcement but also helps create a support system for parents and children.

I believe that the very best learning experiences happen when children feel that what they are learning has relevance for them,  so while I ensure that my students learn classical music from the Royal Conservatory of Music (RCM) syllabus I also include popular music as well as special requests such as fiddle pieces. For those wishing to do RCM examinations I make sure that scales, studies and ear-training from the RCM syllabus are covered.

I am very happy to say that my students have had success when auditioning for scholarships, playing in competitions and taking exams, and some have gone on to complete their music degrees.  As well, after wining violin competitions, several students have played as soloists with the Toronto Symphony Orchestra.

Finally, I believe that if you have done your very best to learn then you deserve to show off your skill, so every December and June we do a group recital/concert where parents, grandparents, sisters, brothers and friends come and celebrate with my students. Pictures are taken, memories are made and everything ends with snacks or a pot luck meal.

If you have any questions or need additional information, please email me at eric.watson1953@icloud.com or call 416.428.8081.